WL-50 Arc Welding Simulator For Model Trains

Add Realistic Welding Effects to Your Models with the WL-50 Arc Welding Simulator

Bring your model train layouts and dioramas to life with the WL-50 Arc Welding Simulator. This realistic welding light simulator is perfect for model builders, train layout enthusiasts, miniaturists, and diorama artists looking to add an authentic touch to their miniature worlds.

Realistic Welding Action

The WL-50 isn’t just another flashing light—it replicates the real-life flashes and patterns of welding, creating a lifelike effect. It uses random timing to simulate:

  • Tack welds
  • Short rests
  • Welding flashes
  • And resting periods (up to 30 seconds).

Picture a busy train yard maintenance shop with bright welding sparks lighting up the scene or a mini construction site where tiny workers seem to be welding metal in real time. The WL-50 adds that extra bit of realism that makes your models more engaging and dynamic.

Easy to Use and Versatile

Despite its detailed effects, the WL-50 is simple to use. It’s compact and flexible, fitting easily into any setup. Whether you’re working on a detailed train layout or a complex diorama, the WL-50 blends in perfectly, enhancing the overall look without taking away from your work.

Endless Possibilities

The uses for the WL-50 are limited only by your imagination. From historical scenes to futuristic sci-fi setups, anywhere you need the spark of creation, the WL-50 is ready to deliver. Add this tool to your kit and see how it can transform your miniature projects.

What Makes the WL-50 Different?

Unlike other products out there, the WL-50 uses random timing to mimic real-life welding flashes and patterns. It doesn’t just blink the same way over and over, giving your models a more realistic and engaging effect.

The LED attaches to the device with a plug connector, making it easy to route the wiring on your layout. Plus, the on board power indicator shows you if the WL-50 is getting power, so there’s no guesswork involved.

What’s Included With The WL-50

  • Your choice of a 5mm, 3mm, or 805 mini cool white LED
  • Hookup guide with clear instructions
  • Plastic holder for easy mounting

Important Note: A power supply is not included with the WL-50. It requires DC power between 6-12 volts to operate and draws a maximum of 25mA when running. The screw terminals make it easy to connect to a power source.

Choosing the Right LED Size For Your Model Train Layout

When selecting the LED size for your WL_50, here are some recommendations to help you choose the best option:

  • 5mm and 3mm LEDs: These are great for lighting up larger areas, like the inside of buildings or the backside of a structure. They provide a good amount of light to make these spaces come alive.
  • 805 Mini LED: Thanks to its small size, this LED is perfect for simulating a person welding. It creates a realistic effect without taking up much space, making it ideal for integration into detailed scenes.

Video Example of The WL-50 in Action

The video example was shot using the WL-50 with a 5mm LED on the inside of a building structure.

WL-50 Arc Welding Simulator Details


WL-50 Main Board, Mounting Holder, 5mm LED

LED Size Comparisons – Mini 805, 3mm, 5mm LEDs

WL-50 in Holder Ready for Mounting Under Layout


  • LED Based Lighting – Provides many years of service.
  • Realistic welding effect based on random timing of (Tack Weld, Short Rest, Welding Flashing, Resting Period – Up to 30 seconds)
  • DC Input reverse protected – Hooking power incorrectly to the WL50 will not damage the device.
  • Power Indicator – Know that the device is receiving power.
  • Screw Terminals Hookups – Provides easy hook up for power.
  • Soldered LED connector with plug for easy LED Install on Layout.
  • Avaible with your choice of LED, 5mm,3mm, or mini 805.
  • Comes with Plastic Holder – For Easy Mounting


The WL50 requires DC power between 6 – 12 volts to operate. Draws max of 25ma when operating. Please note – power supply is not provided with WL50.

{Includes – In The Box}

  • Your choice of 5mm, 3mm, or 805 Mini cool white led on leads.
  • Hookup Guide – Instructions.
  • Plastic Holder for easy mounting.


  • WL-50 Circuit Board Size : 75mm x 20mm
  • WL-50 Mounting Holder Size : 80mm x 48mm
  • Height when in holder : 25mm
  • 3mm and 5mm LED Wire Length : 8 inches
  • Mini 804 LED Wire Length : 19 Inches

{Download Instructions}

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